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Sous vide hard-boiled eggs are an absolute game-changer. This revolutionary method allows you to make perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs every single time.

In this recipe, we will walk you through everything you need to know to make the best hard-boiled eggs of your life. From how to make hard-boiled eggs sous vide, to the best time and temperature, to how to crack open the egg... this recipe has it all.

Sous Vide Hard-Boiled Eggs Recipe - Sous Vide Ways (1)

Why Cooking Eggs Sous Vide Is The Best

You may be wondering why you should sous vide hard-boiled eggs. In other words, why should you go through the effort of learning a new method when you might have other techniques down already?

The main reason that I love hard-boiling eggs sous vide is that the results are so good and so consistent. This method is capable of producing perfectly cooked eggs every time. With so much control over the ability to cook your food, you can eliminate the guesswork and create repeatable and tasty results. Also, by having this predictability, you can devote more time to other aspects of your meal.

Another benefit to cooking eggs sous vide is that it is incredibly simple and hands-off. This recipe is as easy as dropping eggs into the bath after setting a pre-determined time and temperature. This convenience makes the cooking experience much more relaxing and enjoyable.

How To Sous Vide Hard-Boiled Eggs

  1. To get started, set your sous vide machine to 75C/167F. Once the temperature is reached, gently place the whole eggs in the bath using a slotted spoon for 1 hour.
  2. Once your timer goes off, remove eggs from the sous vide bath with the slotted spoon. Immediately place the eggs into a bowl of ice water for 5 minutes to set the whites.
  3. Once chilled, gently crack each egg under cool water. Season the eggs with salt and pepper to taste, and enjoy the delicious hard-boiled eggs!

Hard-Boiled Egg Time and Temperature

After loads of R&D, we’ve found that cooking eggs sous vide at 75C/167F for 1 hour is the perfect combo. This time and temperature produce a perfect hard-boiled yolk texture that you dream of.

Please make sure to set a timer and pull out the eggs as soon as one hour goes by. Eggs cook quickly at this temperature, so any additional minutes in the sous vide can firm up the whites and yolks past the desired amount.

Once the eggs are finished in the sous vide, make sure to put them in a bowl of ice water for 5 minutes. This will help firm up the whites to a traditional texture and make it easier to peel.

Please make sure you have a reliable sous vide that accurately regulates the temperature of the bath or your results may vary (check out the AnovaorJoule). Although we recommend this specific time and temperature for this recipe, feel free to check out our cooking guide for other optionshere.

How to Crack Open the Egg

The most common method for cracking open a sous vide egg is the tap method. In this technique, lightly tap the eggshell on the kitchen counter or with a spoon. Do this repeatedly while shifting the egg in your palm to ensure the surface area of the egg is cracked.

Gently peel an opening and start peeling off the shell. I prefer to run the eggs under cool water while I'm peeling them.

What To Use Hard-Boiled Eggs For

A better question here is "what can't you use hard-boiled eggs for?" Hard-boiled eggs are a delicious addition to just about any dish, and there are limitless options for using them. I made a list of a few of my favorite applications:

  • Make deviled eggs
  • Use the eggs for a delicious egg salad sandwich
  • Add them to fresh salads
  • Eat one whole for an excellent source of protein

Special Equipment

Sous Vide Machine – This one is obvious. To cook sous vide, you’re going to need a device to precisely regulate the temperature of the bathwater. The two best sous vide machines in the game right now are theAnova Precision Cookerand theBreville Joule.

12-quart Container– Although you can use a basic stockpot for your sous vide cooking needs, I highly recommend buying a large plastic container. They are inexpensive and spacious, so you won’t have to worry about cooking a big roast in a small pot. I recommend a12 quart Rubbermaid container, as it is BPA-free, sturdy, and large enough for just about anything you will be cooking.

Container Lid– If you are going to buy a plastic container, I highly suggest buying a compatiblelid for it. When you sous vide for a long duration, the heat of the water causes evaporation. With a lid, it eliminates a majority of the evaporation so you can cook for hours care-free.

Next Level Sous Vide –Looking to take your sous vide skills to the next level? The Next Level Sous Vide eCookbook will push your culinary boundaries with 65 delicious recipes that are equally approachable and tasty. With pro tips and a detailed explanation of the sous vide process, you will be on your way to maximize your sous vide skills.

Check out our full list of recommended gearhere.

Sous Vide Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

CourseMain Course, Snack

CuisineAmerican, French

Keywordeggs, hard boiled eggs, sous vide, sous vide eggs

Hands-On Cook Time 5 minutes

Sous Vide Time 1 hour

Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes

Servings 4 people


  • 4largeeggs, shell on
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Setsous vide machine to 75C/167F. Once temperature is reached, gently place eggs in the bath for 1 hour.

  2. Remove eggs from sous vide bath with tongs. Immediately place eggs into a bowl of ice water for 5 minutes.

  3. Once chilled, gently crack and peel each egg. Season with salt and pepper (if necessary), or store in a container in the fridge. Enjoy!

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Sous Vide Hard-Boiled Eggs Recipe - Sous Vide Ways (3)

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  1. Mary says

    Can I use eggs right out of the refrigerator or do they need to be at room temperature?


    • Jason Veselak says

      Yes that works!


      • Anne says

        I put my eggs into a bowl in the sink and run warm water over them while the sous vide wand comes up to temperature. I feel that they're less likely to crack and leak into the circulating water of the cooking pot if they've warmed up a bit.


  2. Ann Whitfield Powers says

    Well my trial egg is pretty disappointing. The shell peeled poorly, the white was ragged and the yolk was overcooked.


    • Jason Veselak says

      Sorry to hear your trail run didn't turn out great. Peeling off the shell is really tricky with sous vide hard boiled eggs and can leave them quite mangled. I've tried many ways to solve this and still no luck, unfortunately. I am surprised to hear the yolk was overcooked though. I would try adjusting the temperature next time.


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