July 2022 Wrestling Discussion (2022)

On 7/10/2022 at 11:03 AM, DEAN said:

You know that Fuminori Abe RULES, right? Daimonji Sou is a Colega Pro regular, which means he's perfectly fine if you get him out of Colega Pro and in a normal promotion.

On 7/10/2022 at 11:41 AM, Curt McGirt said:

Well you should also know Yuko Miyamoto, even though he's always listed as 666 he's been in BJW forever and I believe currently All Japan. His scaffold and light tubes match with Takashi Sasaki is possibly the highest mark for a BJW death match since the heyday of Honma/Yamakawa.

On 7/10/2022 at 6:28 PM, Kropotkin's Beard said:

Not the biggest BJW watcher in the world, mainly because I sub to so many other services that it is hard to justify adding BJW Core to the list. But of the stuff I do check out here's the guys who I'd say are worth keeping an eye on.

Dean mentioned Fuminori Abe but let me second that, Abe is fantastic. So is his regular Tag partner Takuya Nomura (he was a standout in this year's great AJPW Champion Carnival), similar violently stiff guys.

Daichi Hashimoto is Shinya's son & he's really found himself in the last couple of years, he was a little bland but he's a real force now who is almost always worth watching.

I'd also say that watch for Kosuke Sato, he's still at young boy status but he's a really good prospect.

And yes, for some reason Google translate keeps liking to insist Kodaka is Kitaka, and Kodaka & Miyamoto do still often Tag together. Miyamoto had a really good Scaffold deathmatch with Drew Parker earlier this year, I think on the 5/5 Yokohama BJW show.

As far as the deathmatch scene, Big Japan really has stagnated. It's all guys who were around a decade ago. Yuki Ishikawa is really the only younger DM guy worth keeping an eye out on. All their other younger talent like Ueki, Sakuda, Parker ends up in Freedoms.

As for why? These people are proper mad, they love doing deathmatches for some inscrutable reason. I remember an interview with Suzu Suzuki where she talked about wanting to be able to show off scars from doing deathmatches while wearing her wedding gown one day. And this is a girl (19 year old) who not only has the talent to be at the top of any joshi group she wanted to, she has the look too. But she really enjoys doing deathmatches.

Takes all sorts!

On 7/10/2022 at 10:10 PM, Octopus said:

You deserve some good fun, @Gordlow! Have some fun watching light tubes and beefy grappling. I expect a write up and pictures.

I am "on a break" until the start of Secret Santo... but I feel I owe y'al! at least a mini road report after you gave me all that good advice. The advice was absolutely on point as well.

And I don't wanna let Octopus down. Enough unhappy octopi in the wrestling world today already.

Basically: I am glad I went. All the matches were good. It was nice to see some old friends again. Live pro wrestling is the best pro wrestling.


Corona precautions are still in full effect over here.

It is VERY WEIRD to sit quietly, clapping politely, while dudes are getting slammed into thumbtacks. It's sad to see old friends but not share drinks with them, to not chat with them or the wrestlers I know. to not embrace anyone. To not take pictures with anyone...

The wrestling - per se - was good, though. Often very good indeed.

I woke up nice and early to catch the Death Before Zero Hour pre-show, and the PPV up until half-way through the Deeb vs Martinez match which is when I had to go and catch my train.

My free ticket was literally in the top corner of the arena, but those were still pretty good seats. It was in the small hall. nice venue. Good neighbourhood. I'd estimate about 300 people in attendance. Atmosphere was friendly and happy but subdued due to the Corona restrictions.

You could get a picture with Okabayashi with a social distance screen between you and he... but non fan club members had to pay for it. I am willing to pay for pics with Joshi legends only, out of respect for tradition.

Every match had something for me to hang my hat on.

Dark match was Dyna Mido vs a grouchy veteran. I met the Dynamite Kid tribute guy at the Matrix Charity Show party years ago. The match was brief and amusing, due to grouchyness.

The actua! first match featured my boy Quiet Storm, who very recently became the first gaijin to win the Osaka Pro championship. He is massive.

Next match featured my boy Ultimate Spider Junior. He's really fast and athletic. Nice contrast in matches. A fair bit of comedy in every match. I wonder if that's something BJW does in Osaka. Osaka=comedy. Spidey was supposed to semi-main in a Jr. Title match but Sekifuda got injured, if I understand correctly.

Daichi Hashimoto & Daisuke Sekimoto vs (my boy) Shigehiro Irie & Takuho Kato was an excellent little match. Irie is great. Shinya's kid kicks REALLY hard. Sekimoto is even more massive than Quiet Storm.

Then there was a trios comedy death match! It must be an Osaka thing. Yukking it up between staple gun and cinder block spots. Ishikawa was in this one. Surprisingly, (spoiler!) he got pinned (if I'm remembering correctly).

TLC & Pushpin Death Match:

July 2022 Wrestling Discussion (1)

This was the weirdest match to watch without yelling.
Yankee Two Kenju (Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto) vs Abdullah Kobayashi & Jaki Numazawa ended with a piledriver from the top rope! (Through a Japanese table)! That had echoes later! Thanks to Curt and Beard I was properly pumped to see Miyamoto and Kodaka. They were great. There was some thumbtack-based comedy, too.

Then there was a break and they replaced the whole ring canvas. That was interesting.

UWA World Tag Team Title Match:
Eisa8 & HUB (c) vs Brahman Brothers (Brahman Kei & Brahman Shu) ,

Okinawa Pro vs Michinoku Pro (kind of)! Straight up comedy match. My first time seeing the Brahmans live, I believe. I guess we got this to make up for no Jr. Title match.

BJW Tag Team Title Match:

July 2022 Wrestling Discussion (2)
Astronauts (Fuminori Abe & Takuya Nomura) (c) vs Kazuki Hashimoto & Koji Kanemoto was f'n excellent!! They beat the hell out of each other! Just vicious strikes and really snug holds. Lots of hatred. Thanks to Dean and Beard and my friend Rod I was mentally prepared for this level of violence.

is it racist to assume that every Japanese wrestler who kicks really hard and is named Hashimoto and works for Big Japan is related to Shinya? Because I was surprised that Kazuki Hashimoto is apparently not related. Good heavens, he kicks hard.

Fuminori Abe is my new favourite wrestler.

BJW World Strong Heavyweight Title Match

July 2022 Wrestling Discussion (3)

Yuji Okabayashi (c) vs Daimonji Sou was 20 plus straight minutes of Big Meaty Men Slapping Meat. These lads gave us a Main Event!

it was weird just to go home after the show. My wife was surprised that I came back sober.

i got back just in time to catch Tana vs Naito (very epic G1 match that Rod saw live) and then I watched the rest of the ROH PPV.

And I have to say, that long Bricoes vs FTR match held me rapt for all three falls. Pretty impressive! What a match! what a day of wrestling!

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